*Art draft; final design will be carried out in alignment with preservation authorities.

YOUR CONDINIUM – Personal freedom & space

A holiday feeling from the very first moment.
Even more: the feeling of being home at the seaside.

An individual and familiar ambience for your family and friends – and yourself. Spontaneous frequent visits as long as you want – because it is close and costs nothing. No big suitcase packing, everything you need for your holiday is already there. Modern technology for peaceful and focused working. A gain in quality of life, which you do not like to do without.


Always welcome on Rügen
You have the choice between different sizes and layout types. Every condinium shares a high end enviroment and a balcony to the seaside.



 Facts & Figures:

  • 166 condominiums
  • 1 to 5 rooms
  • from 22 to 122 square meters
  • all with view from the balcony in direction ot the sea
  • attractive floor plans
  • premium furnishing
  • personal space/ freedom
  • service catalog
  • heritage protection depreciation (AfA)