Rügen – A natural beauty
The favorite destination of Germans remains Germany (about 31%). Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has the highest tourism intensity, with Rügen as the undisputed number one; tourism is here the largest industry today. More than 90,000 overnight stays per 1,000 inhabitants were recorded in 2010 (Source: StatA MV).

Rügen is close
Rügen is easily accessible by car, bus (40 lines) or train (regio and IC). A small plane airport provides access by airway. Another entryway to the island is the 22 sports harbors and 31 marinas. Large ships, including international cruise liners, can dock at the Ostseefähr harbor of Sassnitz-Mukran.

Perfect for “small flights”…

just relax and sit back for a moment.