Heritage Protection Depreciation

*Art draft; final design will be carried out in alignment with preservation authorities


Sponsored by the state government
To benefit from the heritageprotection depreciation (AfA), the renovation needs to start after the sales contract is signed.
This is ensured by the seller through the coordination of all renovation activities with the heritage protection authority.
The protection of historic buildings is socially requested and therefore rewarded by the state government through heritage protection
depreciation (AfA). The investor can write off 100% of the renovation cost in his tax declaration. If the owneruses the
protected property, the write off is up to 90%. The exact amount can be determined only after the heritage protection
certificate and thus the completion of the renovation work.

Tax advantages

The depreciation of renovation costs is regulated by the German Income Tax Act:
• For investors in the Income Tax Act
§ 7i: up to 100% over 12 years
• For own use in the Income Tax Act
§ 10f: max. 90% over a period of 10 years