World-famous monument

Seaside right outside your front doorgeschichte
Seaside resort of superlatives The first idea came up probably in 1935. It was supposed to be a huge seaside resort for the common people. For this purpose, the most beautiful beach in Rügen was selected „Prorer Wiek“. The requirements for the architects: accommodation for 20,000 people, all rooms with sea view, and no highrise buildings. The inevitable result was probably the „longest building in the world „. From 1945 on some houses were completed and used as hotel, army accommodation, hostel, museum and artist studios. After 1989, various concepts were discussed and finally the building was declared as protected heritage and offered to investors for project development. Early 2012, the IRIS GERD Group acquired the first House. The present concept today is the result of thorough analysis, customer surveys, market research, and stakeholder alignments.

Award-winning architecture
The Cologne architect Clemens Klotz inspired by the visions of the architect Le Corbusier designed buildings with clear and timeless modern lines. His design draft was awarded 1937 on the World Exhibition in Paris with the Grand Prix. Constructions began in 1937 but were preliminarily terminated in 1939. Thus, the complex has never been used in the proposed manner.